Home Inspectors

Technology and information have become an integral part of being successful and competitive in business. The TankSure® Program provides a distinct competitive advantage and differentiation factor while improving the inspection process for oil-heated homes.

Ultrasonic Tank Testing for Home Inspectors

When you implement the TankSure Program, you can inspect a residential aboveground tank using ultrasonic testing technology to determine the internal thickness of the oil tank and help identify if needs to be replaced before it leaks or causes major environmental damage.

Because statistically, the vast majority of tanks will pass the inspection, it has become a benefit to both sellers and buyers. Your online database will produce inspection reports, specific to the tank that is a welcomed document in a real estate transaction. Adding more value to your customers is a sure way to get recognized as a leader in your profession.

“The quality of my service and what I can offer has been taken up a notch with this new technology, system, and process.”

The Benefits of TankSure for Home Inspectors

The ability to ultrasonically test home heating oil tanks, using the TankSure process, is the best way to add value if you are inspecting homes with oil heat systems. Our ultrasonic tank testing technology is approved by the Environmental Protection Agency and is making many home inspectors sought after to inspect homes with aboveground oil tanks.

Minimal Cost, Easy to Implement

Using the TankSure process requires minimal startup costs and virtually immediate payback. Plus, the inspection is easy to conduct.

Set Yourself Apart from Competitors

Homeowners, real estate agents, and insurers recognize the value of TankSure. Sellers sell with confidence and add value to prospective buyers when they have the TankSure Tank Inspection Certificate produced by you.

Significant Risk Reduction

Using the TankSure process helps reduce the risk for you and for the sellers and buyers that you work with.

Realtor and Industry Provider Support

TankSure is the #1 proactive tank replacement program in our industry. Realtors and insurance providers recognize TankSure’s proactive tank replacement process as a highly valuable risk reduction tool.