Customer Retention

The TankSure® Program is the industry standard for proactive oil tank replacement. Heating oil providers use this program to keep their customers and keep them with oil. If you’re not using TankSure to add value and retain your customers – it’s not too late! You can still add this leading industry service to your customer offerings.

Hold on to Your Heating Oil Customers

TankSure utilizes ultrasonic tank testing to proactively determine if a customer’s oil tank is due for a replacement before it leaks. This provides significant value and peace of mind for the customer. Plus, the TankSure tank replacement payment provides a valuable incentive for customers to stick with oil.

we have only lost
customer that had TankSure.”
LeoGrande, Jr.,
Windsor Fuel Company, Mineola, NY

How TankSure Helps Oil Companies Keep Their Customers

1. Added Value

Your company uses ultrasonic tank testing to evaluate when a customer’s tank is due for a replacement. Customers benefit from proactive testing and the tank replacement payment, should their current tank qualify.

2. Fewer Leaks

This is a win-win for you and your customers. Ultrasonic tank testing technology is EPA approved to assess the integrity of an oil tank. You can identify the internal thickness of tanks to determine if they are at risk for a leak before they become a major problem.

3. Peace of Mind

Give customers greater peace of mind. Annual inspections with TankSure can help identify tanks that need to be replaced before they leak or cause major environmental damage. By offering a replacement incentive for qualifying tanks, TankSure helps your company show your customers that you care.

4. Insurance Discounts

Depending on the state, customers that use TankSure can apply for valuable homeowners insurance discounts.